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The crusaders have just met
each other for the first time,
within the city, 5 months after
the invasion of the demons...

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Aure LaBelle
  Age : 21

   Height : 5’5

   Nationality : French

   Race : Human
   Magic Type : Water
   Weapon : Orb Staff

   Personality : Headstrong, Independent, Open, Positive, Friendly (Still not 100% sure on personality)

   Goal : To find a way for humans and demons to coexist

   Background : Aure is an oddball because she loves demons. When Aure was young, her family lived in small house near the forest. One day, they decided to have a family picnic in the woods. At the time, the forest was dangerous to wander around in, but her father had a protective charm because of his occupation as a lumberjack. While her parents weren't looking, baby Aure crawled away and went into the deep dark forest alone. Upon entering the forest, Aure spotted a demon and started playing with its tail. Surprisingly, the demon didn't eat her but played with her back. Her mother soon noticed that Aure was missing and started looking for her in the forest. Eventually, she spotted Aure in the hands of a demon being held over his head, as if it were going to eat her. (When in fact it was only playing) Her mother panicked and charged at the demon. The demon was caught off guard and put Aure on the floor and ran away. From then on, her parents never allowed Aure to go into the forest ever again, but this made her want to go more. As she got older, she knew the dangers of the demons, but she believed that they were still good at heart. During the evacuation, her mom and dad were evacuated safely, but Aure stopped halfway during it. Aure felt that it was her chance to find a way for humans and demons to coexist and ran away instead.
Aure had studied medical practice because her parents forced her to and is thus a healer. They didn't let her do what she wanted to do so she decided to go out and prove them that she's capable of achieving her goal and going back home safely.

Miroslav Sklar
   Age : 21

   Height : 5’11

   Nationality : Czech

   Race : Human
   Magic Type : Wind
   Weapon : Tessen

   Personality : Rash, angry, playboy, don’t piss him off and he’s actually not too bad of a guy!

   Goal : To find his half-brother, Radeck Sklar

   Background :  Miro’s normal happy family life ended at the age of 11 when his father went missing in the forest, frantic to find him, Miro’s mother went into the forest to find him. She found his dead body and while attempting to haul it back to the city to give him a proper burial, she was spotted by rogue demons and was raped. She managed to escape with her husband’s ring but she had already been impregnated by the demons. Few months later, Miro’s half- brother Radeck was born. His mother became extremely weak while in labor with Radeck and could no longer work. Since then, Miro had been the sole breadwinner for his family and lived in spite and hatred of his mother and brother. His daily life was once again disturbed when the “incident” happened; his brother went missing and his mother was dead. He now searches for Radeck to ask what actually happened on the day of the incident that caused her death.

Sol Lee
  Age : 25

   Height : 5’9”

   Nationality : Asian American

   Race : Human

   Magic Type : Fire

   Weapon : Machete

   Personality : Cunning, sly, jokester, survivalist

   Goal : Survival

   Background : Sol grew up as an orphan with his twin sister Diana. They never lasted long in any home because they were always causing trouble for their guardians, playing pranks and causing trouble as much as possible. Before they knew it, their pranks had become so elaborate, they become professional thieves and con artists before they even left the orphanage. When the “incident” occurred, Sol’s town had been evacuated by the military with the promise of a decontamination zone. He and Diana never trusted the soldiers however, and decided to go into hiding and stay behind of all the evacuation busses. From there, they earned a comfortable living playing the black market of the surviving colonies. One day, their town was overrun by a group of demons, and Sol was separated from Diana in the frenzy. After the dust had settled, it seemed that his sister had gone missing. Although her body was never found, Sol has come to terms with her absence and has assumed thats she perished on that fateful night. He now continues the struggle for survival on his own.

gisu's character

Sanne Vos
  Age : 25

   Height : 5'4"

   Nationality : Dutch

   Race : Human

   Magic Type : Wind

   Weapon : Wrist Crossbow

   Personality : Book smart, elitist, but naive to being street smart. Usually doesn't like talking to people but will talk forever about something he likes. Stubborn to follow others.

   Goal : Undercover government secrets, tracking down dealers in connection to "The Incident" and how they played a part of it

    Background : Sanne is actually a royal living in the secret underground city beneath the ruined post-apocalyptic city. He disguises himself as a drug/pill dealer at first to backtrack and uncover the origins of the demon pills as much as he can. (will be updated later)
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